FBI: Blind Faith Program

The Blind Faith Program is an analytical program which provides a technical countermeasures profile for targets of investigative interest to the FBI.

These profiles assess the technical sophistication of the intelligence service of a particular target in order to determine its capability to detect and/or nullify technical attacks directed against it. Awareness of a target’s capabilities prior to a technical installation permits the selection of technologies appropriate to the level of sophistication of that target, thereby conserving resources.

The program reports the results of its analysis in the form of a Blind Faith report, which details and describes the technical sophistication of the target.

The Blind Faith Program may be used in Assessments and Predicated Investigations.

The Blind Faith Program is operated by the Operational Technology Division, Technical Operations Coordination Unit, Technical Evaluation Office (TEO).

FBI Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide. (2011). Federal Bureau of Investigation.


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